veterans and service personnel
Relocating to and within Wisconsin
We're here to help veterans and service personnel moving to or within Wisconsin. You will find an overview of our communities and resources and some helpful tips to make your move easier. The state of Wisconsin has much to offer, from the more rural and suburban areas to the urban centers. Service men and women are our country's greatest assets, and we are honored to help you make Wisconsin home.

Type of Move
A PCS, "Permanent Change of Station" move applies when your new duty station is more than 50 miles away from the current station. In this guide we break down what you need to know about PCSing in Wisconsin.
ETS, "End of Time in Service" is an important milestone. Wisconsin offer an exceptional quality of life, an excellent job market, and unmatched benefits for veterans. This guide includes what you need to know for a smooth transition.
Moving within the state of Wisconsin provides an opportunity to review and tap into benefits reserved for veterans and service personnel. This guide provides you with resources and contact information for an easy in-state move.